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Crafting Linemen’s mission is to develop offensive and defensive linemen into becoming better athletes mentally and physically. Our training program is designed to help athletes reach their goals on and off the field. Not only do we provide training but also mentorship for the next generation.


Core Values

  • Hard work 

  • Physical/Mental Toughness

  • Faith

  • Consistency  

  • Commit to Getting Better

  • Dependable 



As a linemen we start the fight. Front and center, we are the pulse of the team, they go as we go. Our expectations and goals are clearly defined. You have to BUY IN! Every man has a LINE…that place where you don’t like to be, discomfort, pain, anger, hurt…PUSH THE LINE BACK daily. This is how great things happen, not by talking about what you will do, but the actual practice of achieving, forcing the body and mind to work beyond the limitations we think they have. Life is not fair, life is hard, life is awesome, I welcome the opportunity to get myself up and fight the fight each day. There is no WE without YOU and WE have to have YOU. Can you lead yourself and others? This place isn’t for everybody, that is why WE get to experience it, because WE aren’t everybody, we are the Crafting Linemen. We win because we work harder, we work smarter, we work tougher, and we do the things that others don’t. We push for excellence, we speak honestly to one another, we love deeply, and we reward the things that build men! WE WIN BECAUSE WE BUILD WINNERS!

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