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My son, Diego started playing football only 2 years ago and it wasn't until we met Torrian Wilson the owner of Crafting Linemen that I began to see a change in my son. Not only in regards to technque, conditioning, and understanding of the game but mostly with my son's confidence and self-esteem!! Coach Wilson has given my son a love for the game and a willingness to train and learn that was never accomplished before. I know that as long as my son continues to be mentored by Craftin LInemen there will be no limits to his potential.- Brenda A.

Justin McCray, Houston Texans 

"Crafting Lineman has helped me stay at the top of my game every offseason since being with him. It’s not many people who understands all of the details of playing in the trenches, both offensive line and defensive line, and able to apply them to workouts that help develop you into an even better player. Even at this stage in my career he finds way to bring my game up. He’s one of the best in the game when it comes to training athletes.” 

Danny Isidora, Arizona Cardinals

"Working with Crafting Linemen helped me better my craft. The more you work on your weakness the better you get. Working on my stance exit and explosion out of my stance has made me feel a lot more comfortable in my stance. Also working set progression in pass pro and working on all the little details that come with pass protection. I know every time I go I get quality work work that actually transfers to the game."

 Julian Hernandez, Vanderbilt University

Torrian Wilson is a coach that knows what he’s doing. The state of Florida and the south Florida area specifically are passed on for the recruiting of offensive lineman but myself along with others have been able to land opportunities at top Universities with the help of coach Wilson. Working with coach Wilson at times seems unbearable due to fatigue and strain that he gets out of you but it’s all in the name of Crafting Lineman. Lineman need to know what it is to be under immense pressure and fatigue because that truly shows what they are capable of under these circumstances and I believe that Coach Wilson is one of the best in coaching that. I was only coached by Wilson for about 2 years in high school but he truly gave me advice and drills that I still use to this day in the SEC. Working as a lineman takes patience and dedication to the process and Coach Wilson has stuck with me through thick and thin. He is truly a man of character and gets the best out of every young man he works with. If there’s anybody that knows what it takes to be a good offensive/defensive lineman, it’s Torrian Wilson. 

My experience with "Crafting Linemen" private OL football conditioning & training has been extremely positive! I was worried when my son (Branden), approached me and said "Mommy" its time for me to go to the next level, I need private training for OL training. Crafting Linemen prepares my son with a thorough conditioning program that teaches him the skills needed to play the game mentally and physically. The coaches train players for positions based on their ability and what they are best suited for. I can't say enough about the amazing Coach Wilson who truly loves the game and enjoys watching his players improve each week and from a true team spirit! Coach Wilson treats each and every player with the utmost respect and individually to help sharpen and build their skills.- Latoya G.

Marcus Dumervil - LSU

Gerald Mincey - University of Tennessee 

Marlon Martinez - LSU

Jahmari Sylvester - FIU

Eli Fields - Southern University

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